Let's begin to REVIV ourselves!

Welcome to our new website and new practice name--Revîv Functional Psychiatry & TMS Wellness Center! I'm so excited to be publishing my first blog. As a physician, mother and wife I know life really can get us all wound up & feeling overwhelmed at times. I'm hoping that writing these blogs will not only serve as being helpful and relevant to my readers but also be therapeutic to me as a way of self-expression/reflection!

Being a Psychiatrist in private practice has been quite a journey! I can honestly say I love what I do! I feel I have the opportunity to connect to my patients and try to help them every single day! I have always felt, however, that I have offered the ultimate help when a person has learned to connect better to his/her own self and make personal choices that are healthy for the mind & body. Those of us that are in the field of medicine or any other service oriented profession know this well. We are truly just a medium; a catalyst in the improvement or positive change you wish to see in yourself!

With the name change of our practice I feel we've taken a step closer to bringing the vision of overall wellness to life. Wellness is not simply taking a prescribed medication (as important as that can be). For instance, if you're at risk for heart disease you can't just count on your cholesterol lowering/blood pressure lowering pills and ignore diet/exercise. A healthy lifestyle has to be part of the treatment. Otherwise, you're likely to see limited or only temporary benefits. I use this analogy here because I actually use it in clinical practice. Similarly, when seeking treatment for mental health--we must remember that our behavioral patterns, thought processes, physical and emotional states all play a role. That antidepressant may give you a boost initially when you're feeling down but if you don't examine your mindset/lifestyle as part of the bigger picture it will be hard to stay out of depression. That truly does apply to all of us! The mind and body are very much connected and we must begin to look at wellness & health from many angles.

There are so many considerations when it comes to wellness! To make it easier I've come up with 5 key elements that I myself want to start following and encourage you to do the same. Let's start the journey together! Here they are:

Together these 5 elements spell REVIV! Hopefully--this will help you recall them all. Life's challenges can make us feel off-center. We need to take a moment each day to re-align ourselves.

In the meantime, visit our services & TMS pages to learn more about current services including the revolutionary new treatment for depression called TRANSCRANIAL MAGNETIC STIMULATION (TMS) that's helping people all over the world, including the US finally beat depression!

Hina Sidhu, MD

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