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The Many Faces of Trauma

If you think traumatic stress is something that only affects military personnel, think again. This prevalent mental health issue can be triggered in multiple ways, and it might surprise you that some form of trauma is affecting you, too.

Apr 2nd, 2020
How is OCD Treated?

Tidy people may jokingly say they have obsessive-compulsive disorder, but in reality, OCD is no joke. It’s an anxiety disorder that impacts your relationships, job, and ability to get through the day. Here are some ways to treat your OCD.

Mar 1st, 2020
ADHD in Adults vs. Children

ADHD is a disorder that’s seen a lot in kids, but can affect you in your teens and well into adulthood. So what are the differences and similarities of ADHD in kids and adults? Keep reading for more vital information that could help you.

Jan 1st, 2020
Myths and Facts about PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a common mental disorder that results from experiencing a traumatic event. Not everyone who goes through trauma develops PTSD, but up to 20% do. Learn the truth and debunk the myths about PTSD here.

Dec 2nd, 2019
How Long Does Postpartum Depression Last?

You just had a baby and you’re crying your eyes out. But are they tears of joy, sadness, frustration, or laughter? After childbirth, you’ll experience every emotion imaginable. Learn how to spot postpartum depression and what to expect from it.

Nov 1st, 2019
The Connection Between Food and Depression

It’s well-known that there’s a strong connection between diet and physical health, but did you know that what you eat also affects your mental health? In fact, there’s a strong connection specifically between diet and depression. Read on to learn more.

Oct 1st, 2019
How Life Changes After an ADHD Diagnosis

If you suspect you have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), learn more about how your life can change with a diagnosis and how positive your future can be with available treatment.

Sep 1st, 2019
Helping a Partner Cope With PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder often impacts those around the patient as much as the sufferer themselves. Having a partner with PTSD has many challenges, often placing you in the caretaker’s role.

Jul 22nd, 2019
Understanding the Difference Between Bipolar Disorders

Once described under the all-inclusive name of manic-depression, bipolar disorder has several subtypes, each based on a combination of symptoms. Accurate diagnosis that distinguishes between disorder types is a must for appropriate treatment.

Jun 14th, 2019
Top Symptoms of Postpartum Depression

While about 7 in 10 new mothers experience the baby blues, this usually passes quickly. A few women experience a longer period of more intense symptoms called postpartum depression. Without treatment, these symptoms can interfere with daily living.

May 9th, 2019
Lifestyle Changes That Can Help Those Suffering From OCD

Approximately 1 in 40 American adults and 1 in 100 children have OCD, an anxiety disorder known for obsessions and compulsions that cause serious distress. But you don’t have to let OCD run your life. These lifestyle changes can help.

Mar 1st, 2019
How Exercise Can Play a Role In the Treatment of Depression

Recent research points to the antidepressant effects of exercise as a most potent way to break out of the depressive trough. Modest increases in physical activity produce chemical and emotional changes that can break the depression cycle.

Feb 8th, 2019
3 Things You May Not Know About Bipolar Disorder

Despite its feature in popular culture, bipolar disorder still remains shrouded in mystery although it affects nearly 6 million Americans. Not simply mood swings or “Jekyll and Hyde” behavior, bipolar disorder has several variations.

Jan 22nd, 2019
Schizophrenic? Yes, You Can Have a Functional Life

Getting a schizophrenia diagnosis can be scary and make you think your life is over, but schizophrenia is a highly treatable disease. With proper management and support, you can lead a happy and functional life.

Dec 12th, 2018
Help Fight Depression with These 8 Foods

You’re feeling low again, and are tempted to reach for something chocolatey so you can get an instant mood boost. But ultimately, it’ll just make you feel more depressed, right? Well, that depends on what kind of chocolate you reach for.

Nov 20th, 2018
What is ADHD?

You’re working on an important project when you get a smartphone alert. You read it, and then scroll through your emails. You’ve just been distracted. Again. Does that mean you have ADHD?

Oct 18th, 2018
Why Is Depression More Common Among Women Than Men?

If it seems like more women suffer from depression than men, it’s because women are genetically predisposed to developing depression. Learn about this and other factors in why depression is more common among women than men in today’s society.

Sep 26th, 2018
What Is TMS and How Does It Work?

Finding the right treatment strategy for depression can be challenging. If medications and psychotherapy haven’t worked for you, you may want to learn about TMS.

Aug 24th, 2018
Anxiety: Why It’s Become Epidemic

If negative thoughts and worries have grown harder to control, know that you’re not alone. Some 18% of adults in the United States battle an anxiety disorder. Dr. Sidhu offers guidance to free you from the hold of ever-increasing anxiety triggers.

Jul 23rd, 2018