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Schizophrenic? Yes, You Can Have a Functional Life

Getting a schizophrenia diagnosis can be scary and make you think your life is over, but schizophrenia is a highly treatable disease. With proper management and support, you can lead a happy and functional life.

Dec 12th, 2018
Help Fight Depression with These 8 Foods

You’re feeling low again, and are tempted to reach for something chocolatey so you can get an instant mood boost. But ultimately, it’ll just make you feel more depressed, right? Well, that depends on what kind of chocolate you reach for.

Nov 20th, 2018
What is ADHD?

You’re working on an important project when you get a smartphone alert. You read it, and then scroll through your emails. You’ve just been distracted. Again. Does that mean you have ADHD?

Oct 18th, 2018
Why Is Depression More Common Among Women Than Men?

If it seems like more women suffer from depression than men, it’s because women are genetically predisposed to developing depression. Learn about this and other factors in why depression is more common among women than men in today’s society.

Sep 26th, 2018
What Is TMS and How Does It Work?

Finding the right treatment strategy for depression can be challenging. If medications and psychotherapy haven’t worked for you, you may want to learn about TMS.

Aug 24th, 2018
Anxiety: Why It’s Become Epidemic

If negative thoughts and worries have grown harder to control, know that you’re not alone. Some 18% of adults in the United States battle an anxiety disorder. Dr. Sidhu offers guidance to free you from the hold of ever-increasing anxiety triggers.

Jul 23rd, 2018